Little Rugby was founded in 2002 for preschool children and children upto 7 years old.

Our story


If you go back to the beginnings of organised ‘football’ in the 1860's and 1870's you’ll be surprised to find that most of the debate around rules – to handle or not to handle – was focused on the spirit of the game, and the benefits it brought to young people. 


Nothing has changed. Our mission is to enable children to have the confidence, skill and courage to take the ball and run with it. In a match and in life. 


Our Little Kickers classes which focus on football inspire over 45,000 kids each week, here and abroad. Little Rugby extends that mission to the sport that, supposedly, William Webb Ellis initiated in 1823 at Rugby School. Though, that’s most likely a myth; handling of the ball was common in both sports till 1863 when the FA tried to clear up the confusion. 


It doesn’t matter. Rugby might not be able to rival soccer in terms of audiences and finance (both numbered in the billions), but it inspires players to intelligent heroics week-in, and week-out. 


That’s what we’re all about, giving your child the thrill of competitive team sports, whilst offering the chance to develop their individual talent, character, ‘courage and pluck’. That’s a satisfyingly old-fashioned phrase used by a Blackheath representative on the FA in 1863 when asked about the benefits of handling the ball during a match. 


It’s what we’re all about. If you agree with us, join us. 

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