Little Rugby offers three different football classes tailored to all different age groups

Our classes and our approach


As the lecturer and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson said more than a century ago “Sport is the bloom and glow of perfect health.” Children want to play – and they need to play. Free play develops creativity. Structured play develops focus, co-operation and leadership. 


That’s why so many parents are eager to get their little boys and girls into the game, and it’s never too early to start.


Our classes are designed to give your kids the kick-start they need to gain the confidence, poise and strategic they’ll need throughout their lives.


They might not become the next Brian O'Driscoll or Paul O'Connell..... but they’ll have a better chance to excel on the field of life.


Running, throwing, catching, balance, physical agility, teamwork, listening to, understanding and responding to instructions, hand-eye co-ordination... rugby develops them all. 


Rugby helps instil a life-long love of physical exercise in the great outdoors, which sets us free as adults to live rewarding lives. 


As one philosopher put it “The space of play and the space of thought are the two theatres of freedom.”


We couldn’t have put it better. We have a class – with the right sized ball - that’s perfect for your child.


Of course, it’s all safe, non-contact, and supervised by highly-trained instructors using the right equipment and facilities appropriate to each age group.


If you’d like to know how Little Rugby started you can read more about us here.


To find out about our tailored rugby classes click on the links below:

Junior Rugby

For 2 years to 3 ½ years

Mighty Rugby

For 3 ½ years to 5th birthday

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